War in Ukraine is about to enter a new phase, says UK

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In the assessment of the UK Ministry of Defense, the war between Russia and Ukraine is about to enter a new phase, as military convoys from both countries are concentrated in the region between Kherson and Zaporizhzhya, in the south of Ukrainian territory.

In a report released Saturday, British intelligence said Russian forces were moving south “in anticipation of Ukraine’s counteroffensive or in preparation for a possible attack.”

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Long Russian military convoys, involving tanks, trucks and artillery, are moving away from the Donbass region and focusing on Ukraine’s southwestern region, says UK Defense.

Russian tactical groups of up to 1,000 troops have been deployed to Crimea and are expected to support troops deployed in Kherson. “The heaviest fighting is shifting to a frontline of about 350 km that stretches from Zaporizhzhya to Kherson, parallel to the Dnieper River,” the report says.

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Ukrainian forces maintain pressure in several parts of the southern territory of the country, focusing on points, ammunition depots and rail links as targets. British intelligence assesses that Ukraine seeks to disrupt Russian transport between Crimea and Russia, affecting the resupply capacity of the Russian military.

Source: CNN Brasil

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