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War in Ukraine: Russia accuses the US of a massive cyber-attack campaign

THE Russia blamed them USA that they have organized and launched massive cyber attacks from the moment it broke out war in Ukrainewhile among other things he noted that NATO also bears responsibility.

According to Reuters, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the target of the cyber attacks was the media, vital infrastructure and life support systems. In fact, he talked about one unprecedented scale attackwhich “shows the US and NATO special forces, as well as hackers acting on behalf of Westerners funded by Kyiv.”

Also, the Russian Foreign Minister considers that the Ukrainian government – which announced the creation of an “information technology army” in February – is involved in the case and had launched an “aggressive cyber attack”.

So far, the cybersecurity department of the Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom and the Russian Ministry of Digitalization have both reported cyber attacks.

It is noted that the American news network NBC News reported last month that US President Joe Biden had been presented with options that included disrupting Russia’s internet, electricity and railways. However, the White House called the report “out of touch with reality.”

Source: News Beast

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