War in Ukraine: Russian bombing of Kherson hospitals – New waves of immigration

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The Russian army may have abandoned Kherson and evacuated part of its population, but its territory Ukrainian continues to be inhabited and receives severe bombingswhile now they are also being targeted hospitals.

“Due to the continuous Russian shelling, we are evacuating patients from Kherson hospitals,” he said on Telegram. Yaroslav Janusevichead of the Kherson military administration.

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That UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that half of Kyiv remained without electricity and that water pressure was too low for those living on higher floors to access the water network. The situation is similar in other regions, said officials of this UN agency in Geneva.

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However, the UN refugee agency UNHCR announced that he sees no increase in the number of refugees leaving Ukraine. According to its data, 4.7 million refugees have left Ukraine for neighboring countries so far.

Source: News Beast

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