War in Ukraine: Successful Ukrainian counterattack on Mykolaif, according to US analysts

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The Ukrainian forces have reportedly launched a successful counterattack around Mykolayev, a town in southern Ukraine, in recent days, according to an analysis by the Institute of the Study of War, a US think tank closely monitoring its developments. of war.

According to the ISW, the Russian forces have made progress only around Mariupol, while emphasizing that they are facing increasing difficulties in supply. At the same time, he mentions that there is a drop in morale among the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of Ukraine stated that the Ukrainian forces “continue step by step to liberate territories that were temporarily occupied in all the areas that were under siege.” This is the first report of a counterattack, according to the ISW.

During Friday, however, a camp in Mykolaif was heavily attacked by Russian troops, and another building near the camp came under rocket fire. According to CNN and the Swedish newspaper Expressen, there has been an unknown number of dead since the attack on the camp, but in any case it exceeds 40. From the second blow it was not known if there were any victims.

However, videos released on social media show people crushed and rescuers trying to free them from the rubble. Among them was a little girl.

Mykolaif, located in the Black Sea, is one of the usual targets of Russian attacks. Prior to yesterday’s bombing, Russian forces had already attacked Mikolaif with cluster bombs on three separate occasions within a week, according to Human Rights Watch.

Source: News Beast

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