War in Ukraine: The 290,000 inhabitants of Chernihiv are held hostage by the Russians

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The Ukrainian forces counterattack and even record victories in its area Kiev, which withstands. According to Lefki Georgaki’s report in his main news bulletin Star, the counterattacks of the Ukrainians in the last 3 to 4 days have an effect. In an interview on Wednesday morning (23/3) the mayor of Kiev said that despite the great battles north and east of Kiev the Russian forces are repulsed. To be precise, the polypath was released Brovarywhich had been conquered by the Russians.

Pleasant news for the western front of Kiev. Its Mayor Irpin stated on Ukrainian television that 80% of the city is now controlled by Ukrainian forces. However, 6,000 people remain there, refusing to leave their homes, despite the fact that they have no water or electricity. Yesterday Wednesday (23/3) at noon the Kiev air defense managed to shoot down a lethal kamikaze drone.

There is, however, strong concern for civilians in the besieged Chernihi, located 140 km north of Kiev. Russian forces destroyed the bridge over the Dessno River, effectively cutting off residents’ access to the capital, as well as the passage of humanitarian aid. Some 290,000 people are being held hostage by Russian forces, as the city has been under siege for the past 12 days, with the only exit being on Russian soil.

The mayor of the city even posted a video that presents the current image of the city. Local officials complain that they run out of drinking water.

Source: News Beast

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