War in Ukraine: US aid reaches $ 53.6 billion – New package allocated

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From the beginning Russian invasion of Ukrainethe financial assistance of USA to the Ukrainians amounts to $ 53.6 billion, including their package $ 40 billion approved by the Senatewith the bill now being passed to the White House for Joe Biden to sign.

In a written statement, the US president said: “I congratulate Congress on sending a clear bipartisan message to the world that the American people stand united with the brave people of Ukraine, who stand up for their democracy and freedom.”

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“It’s a big package and it will meet the great needs of the Ukrainian people as it fights for its survival,” he said. Chuck Sumer, before the voting started, which ended with a result of 86-11 in favor of “yes”. “Approving this emergency aid, The Senate can now tell the Ukrainian people: help is on the way. Real help. Important help. “Assistance that will ensure the victory of the Ukrainians,” he added.

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Also, as reported by the French Agency, among others $ 6 billion is expected to be released in order that Ukraine to be equipped with armored vehicles and to strengthen its air defenses at a time when fighting is raging in its southern and eastern provinces. About $ 9 billion will also be given to ensure “the continued functioning of democratic institutions”.

It is recalled that in mid-March the Congress had already released about $ 14 billion to deal with the Ukrainian crisis. But President Biden has been calling for a major budget change for weeks to support Ukraine in this new phase of the war.

But how are the $ 40 billion distributed?

  • 11 billion is the value of the weapons systems that the US government intends to send to Ukraine in the near future, according to a publication of New York Times.
  • Nine billion dollars will be allocated to replenish the stockpiles of weapons that the US has sent to Ukraine.
  • About 4 billion will be given to European allies for the development of military forces on the east side of NATO, but also to other operations.
  • Nearly two billion will be given to provide support services to Ukrainian refugees.
  • About nine billion in general financial support to Ukraine.
  • Five billion in aid to tackle the global food crisis caused by the collapse of Ukraine’s agricultural production.
  • Nearly 100 million will be channeled to the US Department of Justice to continue its efforts to seize assets belonging to Russian oligarchs.

Source: News Beast

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