War in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky again demands tanks from Germany

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THE Ukrainian chairman Volodymyr Zelensky he once again demanded that Germany immediately send tanks to his country so that deal more effectively with the Russian armed forces.

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“Give us these weapons,” Mr. Zelensky said during an interview with the German tabloid Bild’s television service. “For us, tanks mean more lives will be saved.”

The head of the Ukrainian state emphasized that he does not accept Berlin’s argument that it does not want to act without an agreement with its NATO partners. “You are an independent state. If you don’t want to give us those weapons, fine, you have your say. But don’t tell us first the US, then Poland and so on.”

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The Bundestag, the federal lower house, will debate additional military aid to Ukraine in the afternoon.

A tabled draft resolution calls, among other things, on Chancellor Olaf Solz’s government to immediately “permit the export of tanks, armored fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers from the stockpiles of the armed forces in Ukraine.”

To date, no NATO country has supplied Ukraine with Western-made tanks. Mr. Scholz has repeatedly said that Germany does not intend to take initiative unilaterally on this issue.

Referring to his recent telephone conversation with Chancellor Soltz, President Zelensky said that “I was often very direct, because I do not understand some steps.”

Source: News Beast

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