“War” scene in the Cypriot EEZ: Turkish frigates chase Nautical Geo

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War scene sets in Cypriot EEZthe Anchor with the aim, on the one hand, of torpedoing efforts to build the EastMed gas pipeline and, on the other, of imposing – with what I want – its own blueprints for the revival of the blue homeland.

Competent sources reveal to sigmalive.com that there were three Ankara warships in the area and they do not allow anything to approach.

Nautical Geo is now moored off the port of Larnaca.

At the same time, in the area where until recently he was conducting studies for EASTMED, they are in the last hours two Turkish frigates and a corvette. This is normal piracy, with the Turkey to invoke irregular Navtex issued for alleged naval exercises, in the area where the Nautical Geo research vessel would carry out its work on the EastMed pipeline, on behalf of Cyprus, Greece and Israel.

A little further, within the Greek EEZ, the “Eunomia” exercise has been carried out since yesterday with the participation of naval and air means from Greece, France and Italy.

In fact, the information shows that in response yesterday, Greek and French fighters flew over the area of ​​the Turkish navtex.

The Nautical Geo harassment log

After being harassed by a Turkish frigate off Crete, it arrived in the Cypriot EEZ on September 28th and began measurements.

On the 2nd of the month, however, the Turkish research Oruc Reis arrived in the same area, together with Turkish warships. One of them threatened the French Nautical Geo by radio resulting in it leaving.

Therefore, from the second of the month until the next day, Sunday, Oruts Reyes walked around undisturbed.

The latest information shows that the Turkish ship is now anchored in Antalya, Turkey, but the three Ankara warships.

The Republic of Cyprus has been monitoring the Turkish movements for days, recording them and reacting with complaints through diplomatic channels.

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