War tourism? Understand what Giulia Be’s boyfriend Kennedy went to Ukraine to do

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Brazilian singer Giulia Be, known for the hit “Menina Solta” and for having starred in the Netflix movie “Depois do Universo”, drew attention on social networks after posting a video in which she shows how the period was when her boyfriend traveled to fight in the war in Ukraine.

Since last year, the 23-year-old artist has been dating American Conor Kennedy, 28 years old. From the famous last name, you might have already guessed: the young man is part of one of the most important and renowned families in the United States.

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Conor is the grandnephew of former US President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

In the comments of the video, there were those who questioned whether Giulia Be’s boyfriend was doing “war tourism”. “Is the guy American?? War tourism?? To date someone like that you don’t have any love for you, it’s not possible, “wrote an internet user.

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The term is used to classify trips where tourists, of their own free will, decide to travel to active or former war zones for leisure or historical study.

The practice is considered dangerous, as it can bring risks to the traveler, if the destination is a place that is still in conflict. This is the situation, for example, with groups traveling to countries like Ukraine itself, Syria and Somalia.

In August 2022, the online platform Visit Ukraine.Today launched guided tours of the so-called “Brave Cities”, areas that continue to resist Russian invaders, offering travelers an insight into how the country lives in the midst of conflict. At the time, travel packages to the war-torn country in Eastern Europe made the news here on CNN.


As if the fame of the “Kennedy family curse” was not enough for Conor, last year, the young man decided to exchange the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York for the tension of war in Eastern Europe.

In 2022, the young man crossed the Ukrainian border to be one of the fighters of the International Legion of Ukraine, a military unit of foreign volunteers created by President Volodymyr Zelensky to fight for Ukraine against Russian troops. The invasion of President Vladimir Putin’s troops to the Ukrainian territory that will complete 1 year on the next 24th.

“Like many people, I was deeply moved by what I saw happening in Ukraine over the past year. I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ukraine International Legion, I knew I was going and I went to the embassy to enlist the next day,” said the young Kennedy in an Instagram post.

“Going in, I had no previous military experience and I wasn’t a good shot, but I could carry heavy stuff and I learned quickly. I was willing to die there too,” added Conor.

JFK’s great-nephew said that his time in Ukraine “wasn’t long”, but that he got to see and feel a lot of the atmosphere there: “I liked being a soldier”. More than he expected”.


The video shared by singer Giulia Be on Instagram – which reverberated on social networks – was made by her for her boyfriend and already has more than 4 million views on the platform.

In it, the artist says that the day Conor traveled to Ukrainian territory was “one of the most difficult” of his life and recalls how he communicated with his beloved. It also shows the couple’s reunion months later in Paris.

Source: CNN Brasil

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