Warplanes Of China Entered The Air Defense Zone Of Taiwan, Fighters From The Island Flew Out To Intercept

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Yesterday, 25 Chinese Air Force warplanes entered the air defense identification zone of Taiwan, a partially recognized island nation that Beijing considers part of the PRC. Writes about this CNN with reference to the message of the Taiwanese military.


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Taiwan’s defense department clarified: they observed 14 J-16 fighters, four J-10 fighters, the same number of H-6K bombers, two anti-submarine defense aircraft and a reconnaissance aircraft.

The incident was one of the largest violations of Taiwan’s “air” since the island began regularly reporting such activity from the PRC in September 2020, and occurred the day after the US Secretary of State announced that Washington was “committed to protecting” the island.

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Taiwan raised the alert for combat aircraft, brought air defense systems into operational readiness and sent a radio warning to Chinese aircraft.

REFERENCE… The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a state recognized by 17 countries. Before the defeat of the communist regime, Mao Tse Tung controlled the entire territory of China in the civil war. Since 1949, it controls only Taiwan and a few small islands. The PRC regards Taiwan as its province and declares its desire for “peaceful reunification.” Taiwan’s independence from China is supported by the United States and other Western countries.

China also intimidated Taiwan with military force in early April. Aircraft of the PRC Air Force constantly enter the Taiwan air defense identification zone.

Earlier, the commander of the US Pacific Command, Admiral Philip Davidson, said that China may be ready to invade Taiwan by force within the next six years.

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