Was it cosmetic surgery? Zac Efron confesses the cause that caused the change in his face

Was it cosmetic surgery? Zac Efron confesses the cause that caused the change in his face

On April 23, 2021, Zac Efron reappeared on networks with a photograph of his completely swollen face, pronounced cheekbones and thick lips, for which he immediately sparked the controversial rumor that he had undergone plastic surgery. After a year of silence, the 34-year-old actor finally! confessed the truth behind the transformation of his face.

In an interview for the magazine Men’s Healthin its October issue, the interpreter of Troy Bolton in the film saga High School Musical revealed that his face was not swollen due to an alleged jaw surgery as everyone assumed, but due to an accident he suffered from running with his socks on.

The part that was most compromised after the actor’s fall was his jaw, because when he slipped, Efron hit that part of his face with the corner of a granite fountain, an impact that was so strong that he passed out. Upon waking up after the accident, he said that he could see his chin bone hanging off his face.

The incident caused the muscles inside her face and jaw to look quite affected and swollen, which is why her face looked so different in April of last year when she appeared for the Valentine’s Day special promo clip. Bill Nye’s Land.

The chin bone hung off my face. The masseter muscles just grew, they got really, really big.

– Zack Efron

After the fall, the actor in the film Baywatch He said that in order for all the muscles of his face to work normally, he has had to undergo physiotherapy. However, he said that during his stay in Australia he took a break and did not prioritize his rehabilitation, so his face changed a bit.

Despite being aware that social networks are a very useful means to promote his work and his artistic career, he tries to avoid them and stay away from them, since the controversy of his face has not been the only criticism he has received regarding her body. Previously there were many comments about the appearance of his body for the role of him opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the film. Baywatch.

The controversy over the alleged plastic surgery on his face was so great that even his mother called him to ask him about it, because she had been worried when she saw the news in all the media. Based on these experiences, Efron tries to stay away as much as possible from comments or criticism from Internet users that, far from helping him develop as an actor, only try to affect his life.

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