Washington accuses Russia, Iran of obtaining data on US voters

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A little less than two weeks before the presidential election in the United States, the director of American intelligence on Wednesday evening accused Russia and Iran of having got their hands on the data of certain American voters and of having taken action to influence them. Iran has sent e-mails “aimed at intimidating voters, inciting social unrest and harming President Trump,” said John Ratcliffe at a press conference.

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Moscow and Tehran “took specific actions to influence public opinion in connection with our election. We were able to confirm that information on the electoral rolls had been obtained by Iran and, separately, by Russia. “, he added. “This data can be used by foreign actors to try to give false information to registered voters, which they hope will sow confusion and chaos and undermine confidence in American democracy,” he said. he said again.

US electoral system remains secure and ‘resilient’

The announcement was made after Democratic voters said they had received threatening emails addressed to them personally on behalf of the “Proud Boys”, a far-right group. The messages ordered them to vote for Donald Trump.

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John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who stood by his side, did not explain how Russia and Iran got their hands on the data, nor did they say how Moscow might be. served. Christopher Wray insisted on ensuring that the American electoral system remained secure and “resilient”.


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