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Washington does not consider Israel to be committing genocide in Gaza

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said today that President Joe Biden's administration does not believe Israel is engaging in “genocide” in the Gaza Strip, but is calling on the ally to “do more to guarantee the protection of (Palestinians) ) of innocent citizens”. Washington does not consider the deaths of Palestinians from Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip to constitute genocide, he said. Speaking to reporters at the White House, Sullivan said the United States wants to see Hamas defeated, that Palestinians caught in the middle of the war are in “hell,” and that it would be wrong for a large-scale Israeli military operation in Rafa. “We believe that Israel can and should do more to guarantee the protection of innocent citizens. We do not believe that what is happening in Gaza is genocide,” said President Joe Biden's National Security Adviser. Sullivan said President Biden is trying to succeed […]
Source: News Beast

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