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Washington Post: Hamas Planned Attacks Deep in Israel to Provoke War

THE Hamas allegedly sought the current situation in Gaza and planned the October 7 attack to extend deeper into Israeleven on the border with Jordan, the Washington Post reports.

THE washingtonpost.com citing maps, equipment and testimonies from the group’s fighters, with evidence converging that the order was to “make as much noise as you can with killings, rapes and kidnappings”. Thermobaric grenades and detailed plans of Israeli cities, located deep within the state, were reportedly found on some of the fighters.

“THE Hamas knew Israel would respond harshly. This was also the meaning of her attacks. For Hamas, the plight of the Palestinians is the critical component in order to bring about instability and global anger, which it seeks to exploit,” she said characteristically. Rita Katzexecutive director of the SITE Intelligence Group, which studies the ideology and online communications of extremist groups.

However, some analysts dispute the evidence allegedly found, saying that this evidence is being released to sway public opinion in favor of the bombing of Gaza and stress that something similar was done after 9/11 in the US with chemical weapons.

However, many believe that Hamas sought the conflict in order to diplomatically isolate Israel in the region and vindicate itself in the eyes of the Palestinians, who were slowly challenging its authority.

Source: News Beast

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