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WatchOS 11, 6 new features to know about the new Apple Watch operating system

Among the many announcements on the first day of the Worldwide Developer Conferencethe annual event dedicated to operating systems and software news from Applethe new one was previewed watchOS 11. This is the operating system that drives the Apple Watch range and which, like all other versions of the platforms, arrives immediately for developers and will instead be available for general users from autumn. As always, between September and October at the launch of the new series of Cupertino watches, watchOS 11 can be downloaded by those who own an Apple Watch Series 6 or subsequent models combined with an iPhone Xs (or subsequent models with iOS 18).

Apple Watch, and therefore watchOS, are the fronts on which Apple invests the most in the region between fitness and health. The best-selling and most worn smartwatch in the world is in fact a complete assistant for sport, sleep, the menstrual cycle, the overall activity of the day, breathing and meditation and cardiovascular pathologies. Sensors, advanced algorithms and a scientific approach that over the years has made use of the collaboration of important US and foreign medical centers actually make the watch a device that has been able to differentiate itself and go beyond the somewhat simplistic concept of a banal “computer”. wrist.”

The Vitals app

In watchOS 11 they are there several new features. For example, Vitals, a new application that highlights key health parameters and their context to help the user make more informed daily decisions. Then comes the ability to measure training loads, the customization of the famous Activity rings and the Health app on iPhone and iPad now offers (or rather, will offer in a few months) additional support for pregnant women. Apple Watch is enriched with new features such as the “Everything is fine” function linked to workouts, the Translate app and new options for the double tap gesture with index finger and thumb introduced a few months ago, for greater connectivity and convenience.

«watchOS is the most advanced operating system for wearable devices in the world and every day it supports people who use Apple Watch to help them live healthier, more active and connected lives – explained David Clark, senior director of watchOS Engineering at Apple – this fall, watchOS 11 will transform every Apple Watch into an even more valuable companion, offering people more useful and concrete information about their health and fitness levels, a greater degree of customization to adapt the device to their specific needs, and new ways to stay in touch everywhere.”

Here you are 6 new things to know about watchOS and, therefore, on the next Apple Watch.

The Vitals app

Apple Watch measures important parameters during sleep: heart and breathing rates, wrist temperature, sleep duration and blood oxygen level. With watchOS 11, the new Vitals app lets you Quickly view this key health data and get a more complete picture. In fact, Apple Watch analyzes these parameters to allow those who use it to monitor their condition, have an overview of the situation and easily understand when that data falls outside your typical range. For example, you can be notified when two or more parameters deviate from their values, along with a message indicating how changes in these specific parameters might be linked to other aspects of the user’s life, from nutrition to sport. To generate classifications and notifications for these parameters, Vitals uses an algorithm designed using real data from the Apple Heart and Movement Study, which aims to deepen our knowledge of heart health and physical activity.

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More support during pregnancy

WatchOS 11, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18 deliver additional support during pregnancy, reflecting changes in women’s physical and mental health. When you indicate a pregnancy status in the Health app on your iPhone or iPad, the app Cycle monitoring on the Watch will show gestational age and therefore will allow you to record the symptoms which occur more frequently during pregnancy. For example, the user will be invited to review and change aspects such as the threshold for high heart rate notifications, since the heart rate during pregnancy tends to increase. Pregnant women will also be able to receive reminders for a monthly mental health assessment, since the risk of experiencing conditions such as depression during and after pregnancy is quite frequent. Finally, during the third trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of falls increases, the parameter Walking stability on iPhone can alert you more quickly to a potential risk.

Understanding training loads

The OS update for your watch introduces a feature related to training loads, to measure how intensity and duration affect the body over time. The training load helps to capture the effort the body was subjected to during training over the last 7 days compared to the last 28. It is valuable data that allows you to make informed decisions every day, especially when preparing for a sporting event such as a cross-country, half-distance or cycling race. These are functions with which Apple tries to make Apple Watch penetrate even deeper into the world of amateur and professional sporttrying to take away space from brands that are considered unbeatable leaders for certain disciplines.

The menstrual cycle tracker app updates during a pregnancy

The menstrual cycle tracker app updates during a pregnancy

To measure the intensity, after each workout there will be one available effort evaluation dedicated, which will allow you to monitor the difficulty of the workout on a scale from 1 to 10. The most popular types of cardio training will take advantage of an innovative algorithm that will automatically generate an evaluation of the estimated effort using a combination of data sources, such as age, height and weight, along with information obtained during training, for example GPS, heart rate and altitude. An estimate that can also be adjusted manually. In the Activity app you can then compare your training load for the last 7 days with that for the last 28 days, with indications showing the changes: much lower, lower, stable, higher or much higher.

Customizable Activity Rings and Fitness apps

The Activity rings, cross and delight of many users who wear the Watch. According to Apple, they give the right motivation to those who use the smartwatch by pushing people to stand up more often, move more and, in short, exercise. In watchOS 11 they offer an even higher level of customization. If the user plans to include a day of rest into your training routine or if, for example, you have suffered an injury or simply need to take a break for a while, you can now pause the rings for a day, a week, a month or longer, without compromising your training streak. medals won, i.e. the various achievements reported by the app. it is also possible customize your Activity ring goals based on the day of the week. The Fitness app on iPhone also offers the ability to change the Summary panel to view only the parameters that interest you, including new parameters for workouts such as running, trekking, swimming and mindfulness.

In the meantime Apple Fitness+the distance training platform, has been redesigned in iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and tvOS 18 to better explore the catalog: updates include a For You space, Explore and Library spaces, improved search functions and rewards.

Translations into 20 languages ​​on Watch thanks to watchOS 11

Translations into 20 languages ​​on Watch thanks to watchOS 11

Customize Smart Gallery and Photo Watch Face

Smart Gallery helps you quickly access key information from any watch face, and in watchOS 11 it does so with several new widgets including those for Shazam, Photos, and Distance. Plus, Smart Gallery can suggest widgets based on time, date, location, daily routines, and so on, making it even quicker and easier to access Apple Watch features. The Photo quadrant instead helps the user select the best shots by quickly analyzing thousands of images with machine learning and making suggestions based on aesthetics, composition and even facial expressions to build their ideal quadrant.

Other updates: All good, Translate, swimming in the pool

The feature is now available “Everything OK” also on Apple Watch, active during workouts. If the user decides to go for an early morning run or spend the evening at the gym, they can access this feature directly from the Workout app so friends and family can keep an eye on when the session ends. Like on iPhone, you can also launch it from Messages.

The app too Translate lands on the Watch, allowing users to access translations for the twenty supported languages, directly from the wrist without bothering the iPhone. That’s not enough: now you can use the double tap gesture to scroll within any app, for example Messages, Calendar or Weather, and interact in an intuitive way with Apple Watch using just one hand.

L’Training app offers even more types of workouts that track distance traveled using GPS positioning enhancements: soccer, American and Australian football, field hockey, lacrosse, skiing (downhill and cross-country), snowboarding, golf, rowing and others. They are also added personalized workouts for swimming sessions in the pool, Apple Maps offers trekking routes in all the national parks of the United States (and who knows if elsewhere) and the gticket sales, in this case as in the previous case also on iPhone, improves the information provided to the user on tickets in Apple Wallet, including data such as the opening time of an event or the start time of a show. At the start of an event, a real-time activity will launch and show the user reserved seats and other important information at the top of the Smart Gallery. Again like on the iPhone, Apple Watch can also be used to exchange money: thanks to Tap to Cash You can send and receive Apple Cash by touching Apple Watch to another person’s Apple Watch or iPhone.

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