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Water transport at the Billings dam opens in SP

'Aquático-SP', the first waterway transport in the city of São Paulo, was inaugurated this Monday (13), at the Billings dam, in the South Zone of the capital. The operations will benefit 385 thousand residents in the neighborhoods of Grajaú, Cocaia and Pedreira.

The two vessels in the new mode operate in assisted operation, making the journey between the Cantinho do Céu and Parque Mar Paulista Bruno Covas terminals in 12 and 17 minutes. The bus journey takes 1h20.

“It is a moment of joy for the city, with another mode of transport, now the waterway, which we started today, with assisted operation, running from 10am to 4pm”, commented Mayor Ricardo Nunes during the inauguration this morning.

Furthermore, the politician stated that an electric bus will integrate, helping people move to the Santo Amaro Terminal, with interconnection to the bus, Metro and CPTM network.

Trips will be free until December 31, 2024, with two boats. According to the city hall, the Bororé I vehicle operates at this stage only with seated passengers and with a capacity for 60 people.

A support boat with capacity to transport up to 30 passengers will be in operation at this stage of Aquático SP and will complete the journey in 12 minutes. Water transport will be integrated with bus transport, using the Bilhete Único.

“We started with a 60-inch boat. [vagas] and one of 30 [vagas] and then we will expand the hours and the vessels […] We have all the studies, but, obviously, in practice with passengers it is different”, commented the mayor.

The expectation is that the two boats will serve around three thousand passengers per day. The 5.6 kilometer route should be completed in around 17 minutes, without considering maneuvering, boarding and disembarking times.


During the assisted operation, Aquático-SP will be under the direct responsibility of SPTrans, a company that manages municipal public transport, since the concessionaire Transwolf, which would be responsible for the vessels, is under intervention.

Afterwards, the terminals will be the responsibility of the SPS VivaCidade concessionaire and will each have a bicycle rack with 50 spaces. The Bororé I vessel has space for onboard bicycles.

Integration with buses

The city hall reported that two new electric bus lines were created to integrate the systems. One of the routes will connect Mar Paulista to Terminal Santo Amaro (line 627M-10), stopping at three strategic points along the way.

The other route will connect the Parque Linear Cantinho do Céu Waterway Terminal to the other routes that serve the neighborhood (line 606C-10).

Source: CNN Brasil

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