Wave of protests in Peru prevents Brazilians living in SP from leaving the country

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The Brazilians Alice Ribeiro and Daniela de Oliveira, who live in São Paulo, were on a tourist trip to Peru since the beginning of the month, but were unable to leave the country due to demonstrations against President Dina Boularte. They walked more than 20 km to arrive in Andahuaylas, inland Peru.

According to the tourists’ report to the CNN , the roads are blocked by barricades and businesses remain closed, opening clandestinely when anti-government demonstrators distance themselves from the area. Most of the protests take place in tourist cities like Lima, Cusco, Puno and Arequipa.

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The young women requested air rescue for the Embassy in Brazil.

“We arrived here on the tenth of January, around 4 pm, after walking since the ninth. A journey of more than a day, walking with heavy backpacks, water and food shortages. I contacted the Embassy on the same day by phone and email and did not get any satisfactory response. People ask what the plan is, if they have any news or if the roadblocks are being removed. They don’t give any answers”, reports Alice.

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Alice and Daniela landed in Lima on January 4th and were backpacking in the country. The route, bound for Machu Picchu, in Cusco, has been changed.

“We were surprised by the country’s political situation, which has made our trip extremely devastating. We couldn’t do the basics: get around. I had news from Peru’s tourist assistance that there is a risk of food shortages here. It is a very worrying situation”, said Alice.

The acts are contrary to the Boularte government, which took office after the arrest of former president Pedro Castillo, removed by Congress with the attempt to carry out a coup d’état.

The protests call for the resignation of the president, the elaboration of a new constitution and the release of Castillo, in addition to new elections. According to reports from Peruvian authorities, clashes between security forces and protesters have left 48 dead and more than 600 injured.

Itamaraty was approached and did not respond to the request of CNN until the moment.

Source: CNN Brasil

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