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Waze Is the largest volunteer navigation application. Join the Russian driver community to share up-to-date traffic information and save time and money on your daily commute.

Simply by traveling with Waze, you help keep your traffic and traffic information up to date. You can also send reports on accidents, dangers, police and other events, as well as receive this information from others, including prices at gas stations. In addition, you can add friends, POIs, share your arrival time and trip.

Main functions:

  • The current route is calculated taking into account the current traffic situation
  • Community alerts, including accidents, hazards, traffic police crews, closed roads, and more
  • Voice prompts with pronunciation of street names
  • Live maps, constantly edited and updated by the Waze community
  • Automatic rerouting when the traffic situation changes
  • Share your arrival time and itinerary with friends and family
  • Remembers places you frequently visit, travel times and automatically suggests routes to them
  • Find the cheapest gas station along the route
  • Add information about places (POI)
  • Add Facebook friends and sync Contacts
  • Find out the arrival time of friends moving to the same destination
  • One-touch access to Facebook and Calendar events
  • Earn points and rank in the community by submitting traffic information

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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