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We are dreamers, a rainbow tunnel to return to childhood

Welcome to the magical world by Elena and Giulia Sella, twin sisters and designers from Milan who create dreams for all of us. Try it during this week of Design Week in Milan, to go to the central area Piazza San Babila, right on the corner with Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, and enter the tunnel of pastel-colored arches they created to let you be transported into an enchanted landscape with flowers and butterflies. Here you are We Are Dreamerswhich from today until April 21st, connects us with the magic of nature.

«We thought of an installation that would awaken the child within each of us», they explain to Vanity Fair the two designers, famous for the success of Museum of Dreamers, an immersive and dreamy exhibition that was packed with audiences in Milan, then in Rome and also arrived in Madrid. Also the setup for this one Design Week is a preview of a larger project that will soon be presented in a European capital, in collaboration with I live concerts: «We are aware that the moment is difficult, but we have understood that people need to dream again and dreaming has no age: the installation we present in Milan is designed for everyone. You pass under a rainbow tunnel and arrive in front of a backdrop of idyllic nature: the project is interactive and the movements of people's hands activate the awakening of nature, between flight of butterflies».

The twins Elena and Giulia Sella

Elena and Giulia Sella, who promote a approach unconventional to design by focusing on the involvement of the viewer, they return to Milan Design Week where they debuted in 2017 with Mirror of the Day, presented at SuperStudio in Via Tortona. «After the pandemic period», they say, «we continued to design in the direction of an increasingly inclusive and engaging design and from smaller installations we moved on to larger projects, up to creating museum spaces with tickets». In recent years the Sella twins have achieved a series of successes with their immersive exhibitions Museum of Dreamers, Candy World Experience And Space Dreamersattracting something like one million visitors in total and an impressive following on social media (Their IG page is very popular and beyond 500 million impressions on social media).

The colorful and playful design by Elena and Giulia Sella is liked because it catapults you into a magical universe in which to enter, move and interact. It's a design that work on emotionbut which leaves nothing to chance: the duo develops projects that require a sophisticated technology system. «We look everywhere for ideas on current trends and choose our technical partners carefully: we use social media a lot and visit international events that can inspire us as much as possible, such as Miami Art Baselfor us an unmissable event”, they say.

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The words of one complete those of the other, in one palpable sisterhood and not superficially. Elena and Giulia Sella are in harmony even in their private lives: «It's incredible, but we became mothers of two boys within a few months of each other and so in our universe ultrapink two little men have arrived to give us a different point of view.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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