“We are going to increase 12% of national oil and gas production”, says the minister

“We are going to increase 12% of national oil and gas production”, says the minister

The second round of Bidding for Pre-salt Surplus Volumes, held this Friday (17), guaranteed R$ 11 billion for the federal government.

The value was greatly celebrated by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, who, at the end of the auction held in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro, stated that the country should move up some positions in the list of main producers and exporters of oil and gas in the coming years.

“We are going to increase, just with these two fields and with the investments that will be made in the next five, six years, 12% of the national production. That’s a lot, considering that Brazil is already the seventh largest oil and gas producer in the world and the seventh largest oil exporter. In 2030, with all these investments made, we will be among the five largest producers and exporters in the world”, he confirmed.

Albuquerque also compared values ​​between what was collected from auctions in the area until 2018 and the amount collected in the last three years.

“With today’s auction, approximately R$ 95 billion in signature bonuses were collected for the coffers of the Union, states and municipalities. Just for states and municipalities, the transfer is R$ 20 billion. To get a sense of the magnitude of these numbers, by the year 2018, R$ 60 billion had been collected. Look at the difference these past three years. Even more important than this collection are the investments. Investments with today’s auction, just in the oil and gas sector, are in the order of R$ 650 billion for the next 25 years”, he concluded.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes also commented on the issue and celebrated the increase in the number of companies in the segment.

“For me the most important thing that is happening is the increase in the number of participants. Now we have 7,8, 9 companies that are going to enter the natural gas. Terms increase in participants for refineries. There is no greater consecration for a company like Petrobras than the quality of its competitors. Prosperity comes through this competition”, he explained.

The auction of the Sépia and Atapu pre-salt fields, in the Santos Basin, was won by two consortia (composed of three institutions each). Eleven companies participated.

Reference: CNN Brasil