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We are legend: Massimo’s repentance and Jean’s suffering

Come and go We are legend continues, the traits of the characters slowly begin to emerge, showing us that it is always the nuances that make the difference. And so, after having shown a certain hostility towards his aunt (Claudia Pandolfi), called to take care of him after the death of his sister, Massimo (Emanuele Di Stefano) finally begins to reveal what lies behind his pain and, above all, his anger, the same one that led him to develop a power that manages to concentrate the force of fire in his hands. After seeing her aunt as a threat In fact, Massimo retraces his steps, realizing he had gone too far. In fact, on the woman’s birthday he decides to do something for her, finding out about her gambling addiction: from here the boy devises a plan both to raise enough money to save his house and to frame the owner of the slot machines on which his aunt spends many hours a day in the hope of winning.

Andrea di Stefano is Massimo in We are legend

The beautiful thing about We are legend it’s exactly this: the ability of the characters to reveal their cards through the extraordinary powers with which they discover they are gifted. Thus, Massimo tries to obtain justice and do it his way: breaking the law with all the naivety and disregard for the rules that exists in order to somehow compensate himself for the early death of his mother. The final scene of the sixth episode, however, puts us face to face with the risks of that power given that, in an attempt to ruin the life of the manager of the famous slots, Massimo pulls the string too much, getting into trouble – armed robbery – which could have ended very badly and which will almost certainly lead the police to get on his trail sooner or later.

Sofya Gershevich is Greta

Meanwhile, the other characters of We are legend, series co-produced by Rai Fiction And Fabula Pictures, they continue on their journey and in the discovery of their powers. One of the most interesting is undoubtedly the one concentrated in the hands of Greta (Sofya Gershevich) who, being able to rewind time, understands two things: that he has feelings for Andrea (Milo Roussel) and that he discovers that Jean (Nicolas Maupas), the boy she grew up with, he is secretly in love with her. Greta, however, who has no intention of hurting the latter, uses her power to prevent the boy from declaring himself and ruining the harmony between them, even if it won’t be able to continue for much longer. The feeling is that the series is a very refined product and, perhaps, not really within the reach of the younger audience, especially due to the many open storylines. It is, however, precisely for this reason that it struck us and attracted our curiosity, with the hope that the I continue lives up to expectations.

Source: Vanity Fair

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