We can believe that it is “difficult to understand” the change of opinion of the PSOE about the rent and warns that it is “a red line”

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The confrontation within the Government over the regulation of the rental price continues. Nacho Ãlvarez, Secretary of State for Social Rights and spokesperson for Economía de Podemos, recalled that the coalition agreement “was clear.” So, after Josà © Luis Ãbalos Refusing to limit prices, he affirmed that “it is difficult to understand this change of opinion of the PSOE with a question so crucial for the lives of so many Spaniards”.

“We believe that it is more positive and more effective to promote than to impose,” the minister recently claimed in an appearance from the PSOE headquarters. “It seems to you that there are elements, and that is what we are working on, to bring homes to the market and do it at an affordable price, through incentives.”

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Ãlvarez gave him a reply in an interview with RTVE, collected by Europa Press, in which he recalled that there are people who spend up to 45% of their salary to pay the rent.

“The key is to comply with the coalition agreement, which means that we must resemble what is already being done in large European capitals, or even in New York, where it is guaranteed that in areas where supply is very tight and where it is not possible to increase it, there is a brake on the rise in rents “explained the secretary, who also warned that this idea is included in the agreement and”has to be fulfilled”.

Red line

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Gerardo Pisarello, Deputy of En Comú Podem and first secretary of the Board of Congress, went a step further and warned the Socialist Party that the purple formation will make the rent “a red line”.” If the Government is not valid to improve wages or to regulate rents, what is the use of a progressive coalition government? “, He asked at a press conference collected by Servimedia.

Pisarello was also surprised by the statements made by à ?? balos and also made reference to a commitment that he “acquired already in 2017″ and the similar measures taken by other European countries. In addition, he criticized the shortage of the Spanish public park, of only 1%, and warned that “the incentives are not enough”, although he was in favor of “rewarding developers who choose to build affordable housing” .

In his opinion, the incentive policy “is too similar to the Government of the hit by Mrs. Ayuso” and pointed to a “fundamental problem”: pressure from employers and investment funds. If this is the case, he added, in training they will side with the social majority. “We will not hesitate for a second”, affirmed.

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