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“We destroyed Yemeni Houthi patrol cars and drones,” the US says

The US Armed Forces announced in the early hours of the morning that yesterday Thursday (13/6) they destroyed two high-speed patrol boats and a remotely piloted unmanned surface vessel (USV) in the Red Sea, a remotely piloted unmanned aerial system (UAS) over the Red Sea, as well as an “air defense” system “sensor” in an area controlled by the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian-owned Palau-flagged merchant ship Verbena, operated by a Polish shipping company, was hit “for the second time in 24 hours” by a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) while in the Gulf of Aden, X reported via the joint command of the US armed forces responsible for the Middle East (CENTCOM, “Central Command”). The ship had already been hit by two Houthi ASBMs, causing it to suffer damage and fires, CENTCOM said yesterday, stressing that a USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) airlifted helicopter picked up a “severely injured” sailor. , a member of his crew, and transferred him to an “allied […]
Source: News Beast

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