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We have no plans to reopen Salgado Filho airport, in Porto Alegre, says minister

At the Esfera Forum, the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, addressed the situation at Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre. In his statements, he highlighted that at the right time the federal government will make a decision on when the airport will reopen.

“At the right time, the ministry will speak objectively and officially about Salgado Filho airport. What we have are statements from A and B that in fact do not match the reality of the deadlines”, the minister told CNN during the Esfera Forum, which brings together politicians and businesspeople in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo.

Silvio Costa Filho reported that the airport terminal was cleaned last Friday and that diagnoses are being carried out to assess the damage. “We are carrying out all diagnostics at the airport to find out what was damaged or not,” he explained.

He also made it clear that there is still no official deadline set by the federal government for the reopening of the airport. “There is still no deadline, officially, by the federal government in relation to the opening of the airport. It is a desire of all of us to reopen as soon as possible,” he said.

Regarding alternatives for aviation in the region, the minister mentioned the possibility of expanding operations at the Canoas air base.

“We don’t have another air base, but we are working to make the Canoas air base receive more flights,” he revealed. He added that the expectation is to reach more than 150 weekly flights soon, which will be a major advance for the region.

Furthermore, Silvio Costa Filho highlighted that there is an effort to expand aviation in other cities in the region. “We have 6 more airports in the region and we are expanding aviation in these cities”, he concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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