We made a website from Windows 11: you can use the system right in the browser. Try it yourself

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GitHub user Blueedgetechno created a web page that “emulates” Windows 11. He made the source code of his work open and reportedly used modern web technologies: React, CSS (SCSS) and JavaScript to create such a project.

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Currently, not all key elements work in the “web version” of Windows 11:

✅ “Start”, “Search” and widgets;

✅ desktop and right-click context menu;

✅ navigation bar and calendar;

✅ an option for binding windows and a new interface for binding by templates;

✅ browser, store, terminal and calculator;

✅ notepad, Vscode and digital board;

❌ “Explorer” and other applications;

❌ dragging and resizing windows;

❌ loading and blocking windows;

❌ change theme and background picture.

According to the developer, it didn’t take him too much time to create this project: 2-3 days for collecting assets, 2-3 days for planning and about 6 days for programming.

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