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We ran under the table and everything started to shake, says Brazilian woman who lives in Morocco to CNN

The publicist Anna Castro, who moved to Morocco about five months ago, told CNN this Saturday (9) as was the moment when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country on Friday night (8), leaving more than 1,030 people dead.

At around 11pm (local time), when the tremor was felt, Anna was at a friend’s house in Marrakech. “Everything started to shake. We ran under the table and pictures, decorations and clothes started falling from the closet,” she reported.

Despite the scare, Anna and her friend were not injured. Then, both left the residence and went to a nearby garden. There, according to her, frightened neighbors tried to find out what had happened.

“I slept in the garden until five or six in the morning. There were three [tremores] during the night. The other two were weaker”, said Anna.

Still according to the Brazilian, the recommendation from local authorities is that people do not use the roads, leaving the paths free for rescue teams to pass through.

Source: CNN Brasil

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