Weather Forecast 2.2

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Weather is always an important factor influencing activities in your life and work. Getting weather forecast information will help you be proactive in planning, timing and location. It will also help you protect yourself and your family from environmental influences (rain, cold, UV index, …).

Today, with the development of technology, forecasts are becoming more accurate and detailed. Not only is the weather today, the weather tomorrow, it can give 7 day and hourly weather forecast. Not only can it forecast for your local weather, it can forecast for the whole world.

Our weather forecast app is a handy tool that gives you fast, accurate and complete forecast information.

There are many weather apps, but we have many special features:

  • Locate Automatically: It automatically detects your location and displays your local weather.
  • Provides information about the weather anywhere in the world. You can view the weather in multiple locations at the same time.
  • Very visual and beautiful weather radar maps (more than 6 types of radars)
  • Current weather, today’s weather, hourly weather forecast and 7 day weather forecast
  • It shows all weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, UV index, …)
  • Visual and beautiful temperature graph
  • Many widgets with different designs for you to choose to show on your home screen
  • Automatically change background: if it rains, the app has a rain background, …

Feature list:

  • 7-day weather forecast display. Click on a date to view the hourly weather forecast for that day.
  • Display 24-hour weather forecast from the current time.
  • Show current weather, today’s weather with all weather conditions
  • Show weather information in the status bar. The information will be updated regularly.
  • Automatic location detection. If the detection is incorrect, you can add your local manually to get the local weather.
  • Add more locations. You can add any location to get weather information. The displayed time corresponds to the time zone of the location.
  • Notify daily. By default, you will receive weather information at 7:00 AM (it contains a summary of the weather for the current day). You can change the time you want.
  • It has 4 widgets for selection to show on your home screen.
  • Change unit. You can change the weather units to the units you want (ex: temperature: C or F)
  • Weather radar maps. Weather radar temperature: show temperature distribution. Rainy Weather Radar: Show precipitation distribution. Wind Radar: Show wind direction.
  • Automatically change app background to match weather conditions

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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