Weather Photographer of the Year 2021: the most beautiful photos of meteorological phenomena

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The winner of the Weather Photographer of the Year 2021: is called Giulio Montini and with his «Morning Fog», an image that poetically immortalizes the dance of fog and clouds at dawn on the hills of Airuno (a small mountain town in the Lecco area), won the first prize of the competition promoted by Royal Meteorological Society e da AccuWeather that every year awards the most spectacular shots that tell the weather phenomena.

The photo was chosen by a jury composed of international experts from a shortlist of 21 finalists selected from over 8,900 shot by more than 3,300 photographers from 114 countries and the judgment was unanimous: all experts underlined its incredible beauty. “This award pays me back cold hours endured, waiting for the perfect light for that photo“, commented Giulio Montini after being awarded as Weather Photographer of the Year 2021. «This photo – he said – it can only be taken from one point. There is a small church on top of a hill in the municipality of Airuno, in the province of Lecco in Italy. Under the fog passes the Adda river. In the autumn months, on some days, it is possible to witness this show with the first light of dawn. After 20 minutes it’s all over ». On the other hand, the dawn lights are unique, as he also pointed out Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather Senior Weather Editor and Judge Judge: «Foggy conditions at dawn can create surreal landscapes with unique colors that can only be captured from above. Here we see the first rays of the sun that illuminate the sugary nature of the fog ».

The award-winning photo will also take your breath away The Young Weather Photographer of the Year 2021: Taken just before a severe storm in Goddard, Texas, it is the work of the 17-year-old Phoenix Blue, which captured the perfect moment, namely that precise moment in which the sky turns green and blue before the rain arrives, and all with a iPhone. It depicts a storm, but this time in the open sea, too the photo chosen as the winner by the public: «Lightning from an Isolated Storm over Cannes Bay»By Serge Zaka who also impressed the judges (he is in third place in the main category), for his composition with the sky, the storm and the water filmed at the best point and at the best time.

Lastly, this year’s news a special award dedicated to photos taken with smartphones, that goes Christopher de Castro Comeso: as for the first prize, the protagonist is the fog, but the scenario is completely different. The image was taken at Abu Dhabi near the Qasr Al Hosn fort, on a December morning as the temperature was dropping. Judge Jo Bradford commented, “This photo stood out for the ethereal quality of the light as it penetrates the fog and diffuses the beautiful colors of the desert creating an almost otherworldly scene. This image sums up exactly why the smartphone has become such a popular camera; it was within Christopher’s reach when the fog appeared and allowed him to capture this beautiful scene. ‘ In this gallery all the winning photos and the finalists of the main category:


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