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Weber warns Ursula von der Leyen: If she fails, we risk a Europe with too much instability

Ursula von der Leyen represents stability and failure to secure the required votes in the European Parliament for a second term at the helm of the Commission would risk leading to a Europe with “a lot of instability”, the European People’s Party’s KO chief Manfred said. Weber speaking to correspondents in Brussels. “My first message is that we have a lot of instability across Europe. That’s why next week we’re talking about stability. If Ursula von der Leyen fails, we risk ending up in a Europe with a lot of instability. The second message is, if Ursula von der Leyen fails next week, the one who will be happy is Viktor Orbán. Let’s not give this gift to Viktor Orbán. The third point has to do with democracy,” he noted, adding that if there is respect for democracy, next week MEPs should vote in favor of von der Leyen while showing respect for the process of […]
Source: News Beast

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