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Website monetization from VK developers — Neymo.Online

What is Neumo?

– Neymo, this technology that (in the future will unite more than 150 thousand different sites into a single network). This tool is absolutely free and does not belong to anyone, freely distributed on the Internet, and has no copyright.

How to connect to Neumo?

— Any interested Web developer can connect to Neumo by placing a special script code on his site that activates the interaction between the main server and the site visitor.

What does Neumo provide?

— Neumo, analyzes the behavioral factor of the site visitor and predicts his preferences. Based on these preferences, Neumo starts showing ads from the current site in this system.

How is Neumo useful for me?

– Neumo, it is useful in that using a neural network of group computing, within a few microseconds, it sets up the display of ads on the site in such a way that the ad display bidding tends to the maximum CPM.

What else is Neumo useful for?

– Neumo, works on the principle of “who is with us is ours.” Nemo, strives not to lose the uniques that are included in the common base of the entire chain of the group. For example, a completely random person who was not interested in the subject of your site came to your site. Showing ads to such a person will be from another site that is in the chain of the system. Thus, thanks to your website, you have increased the profit of another participant in this chain. But everything also happens from the opposite direction, relevant advertising from your site will be shown on the actual sites of other participants in the chain, which will increase your profits significantly.

What else is Neumo useful for?

Neumo is useful in that it informs search robots and visitors’ browsers about the availability of relevant content on the participant’s site in this system.

The more of us the better?

– Yes! The more of us the better. The more sites connected to this system, the greater will be the coverage of the audience of unique visitors. Which will dramatically affect the increase in targeted validation. In simple words – well, it will be easier to show the actual ad for the actual visitor, on the actual site.

How much will CPM increase?

– Theoretically, if the audience reaches 1 billion people, then the CPM will be 100%. But we still unfortunately have an audience reach of not 1 billion. This technology just appeared in 2022, few people know about it. But by connecting to the chain of participants, you will immediately notice a sharp CPM jump in the analytics of your income.

What do you benefit from this?

— We sometimes earn money by showing our ads on your sites. The ratio of impressions of our ads and yours is 1:1000, you won’t even notice it. But since the chain will grow, we will play on a generalized chart, which will bring us a sufficient amount of money, which is quite enough for us and to maintain the maintenance of this system.

I signed up, what’s next?

“Now you are not just an individualist, you are part of a large, unified whole. Now your task is to attract new web developers who have websites to the system. The more of us there will be more beneficial for all of us. Take action.

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