Welltory 4.3.2

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welltory – measures your heart rate, energy and stress through a heart monitor or smartphone camera. Helps to control health, lead a healthy lifestyle and protect nerves.

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Measure your balance of power, stress and energy in the morning. Connect a pedometer, a sleep tracker (fitness tracker), a calorie counter, take a pulse measurement, measure blood pressure. We support over 100 sources: from smart scales to home weather stations, from food diaries to blood pressure monitors.

Get rid of fatigue and stress, analyze how food, steps, diet, yoga, sports or meditation affect you. In the chat, inside the application, a coach, a nutritionist and a health analyst are waiting for you.

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Consult and ask questions.

Welltory is for you if you want to know:

  • How to reduce stress, tension and anxiety?
  • How to increase productivity and concentration?
  • How to get rid of fatigue and become more energetic and cheerful?
  • How to get rid of insomnia and establish a healthy sleep?
  • What suits you better – running or meditation?
  • Do you have weather dependence?

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