Welt: On gas alert?

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Exclusive information from the Welt newspaper. Is Germany a leading power?

The German government is preparing to declare the second level of alert provided for in the emergency plan for gas due to reduced flows from the Russian Gazprom. This is her exclusive information World, which is in the meantime rebroadcast by other means and which it has extracted from cycles of the energy industry. It probably means another wave of increases for gas consumers. In fact, as the newspaper points out, Undersecretary of Economy and Climate Protection Patrick Graichen prepared the energy industry yesterday Monday for the next step, which is expected in five to ten days.

“Up to 2000 euros additional cost”

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“A prerequisite for declaring the emergency level of the contingency plan is the serious reduction of gas flows or the prolonged technical failure of important infrastructure,” the columnist points out. . These criteria appear to be met. The alarm level is followed by the third and final step, (ie the emergency level), which is declared when there are natural bottlenecks in Germany. ” but with the amendment of the Energy Security Act in mid-May, gas suppliers were given the right to adjust prices to their customers as soon as the Federal Bureau of Investigation published the alert level in a press release. substitute the Russian quantities, they can then pass on the additional costs directly to their customers.The scope of the additional markets (natural gas) is currently unknown.

“It is also uncertain how much the price increase will be after the alert level is announced,” the paper said. Why the government wants to sound the alarm now is not entirely clear.Politicians may want to protect consumers from overpayments when they get their next annual gas bill.Wholesale prices “Consumer advisory centers estimate that a three-person household could face an additional payment of 2,000 euros.”

Germany as a leading power?

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A diplomatic marathon awaits Chancellor Soltz, starting with tomorrow’s EU Summit, the summit of the world’s 7 most developed countries in the Bavarian city of Elmau, and finally, the NATO Summit in Madrid. The German chancellor will be in the spotlight, especially in the G7 team as host. The expectations are high, says the columnist of the website Tagesschau.de.

“The eyes, the cameras and the microphones are on the man whose foreign policy actions so far have caused skepticism,” he said. “For example, it took him a long time to freeze the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In interviews he did not even want to mention the name of the project, which is highly controversial in the east of the EU. He was repeatedly asked to finally travel to Kyiv. but this chancellor does not want to be urged to do things. ” The columnist finally wonders if Olaf Solz’s plans are to make Germany a leading power. “There is no shortage of important tasks on the world stage,” he said. “According to what ideas does Solz want to reform the EU so that it can join even a country like Ukraine? How will the wheat embargo on Ukraine be overcome? How will NATO persuade Turkey to agree to membership?” “The chain of summits should not be a walk-in for the chancellor,” he said.

A similar critical look at the chancellor’s actions so far on the occasion of the three summits can be read in Spiegel. “Anyone who has listened to Soltz on various occasions has experienced a steadfast chancellor,” he said. After initial hesitations, he now adheres to the principle that “I am not Emperor William” (ss. Was the last German emperor and king of Prussia). His primary goal is to keep Germany out of the war, to avoid armed a critical look at Ukrainian politics and distances himself from President Zelensky without having the slightest sympathy for Vladimir Putin. He knows that depending on how the war ends, he could be accused of betraying Ukraine. “But one wonders if it is in the right direction,” Spiegel said.

Irini Anastassopoulou

SOURCE: Deutsche Welle

Welt: On gas alert?

Source: Capital

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