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Were holes in clouds caused by UFOs? See NASA’s explanation

NASA, the United States space agency, brought together a group of independent scientists to understand how it can contribute to the study of UFOs and presented, this Thursday (14), information about “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs, in its acronym in English).

The report explains, for example, the case of holes in clouds recorded by satellite images. In the text, NASA brings a record of an STS-100 mission, which was sent to the International Space Station, which shows the sky over Rishiri Island, in Japan.

Holes in the clouds around islands are caused by the difference in pressure caused by the air flow around the island. Or, as NASA explains it, caused by a stable atmosphere and low clouds flowing over a high obstacle.” Images like this are often associated with UFO action.

The agency seeks to bring scientific methods to the analysis of UFOs and help the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Anomaly Resolution improve research on the subject and reach more objective conclusions.

The office, according to the study, has already calibrated military radars to understand which types of materials are identified as balloons, drones and aircraft — for example — and which ones pass through the sensors unharmed due to lack of data.

NASA report on UFOs: see what the agency says about the phenomena

NASA presented, this Thursday (14), a report commissioned to raise possibilities on how the agency can contribute scientifically to the analysis of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), now called by it “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

NASA director Bill Nelson, during a statement made this Thursday morning, reported that the study showed that the agency can use data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to investigate UFOs and make all information public to combat the sensationalism surrounding the issue.

“[Encomendamos esse relatório] with a few goals in mind: understanding how NASA can study UFOs from a scientific perspective, changing the conversation from sensationalism to science, and making sure that information about what we find or recommend is shared transparently around the world,” said Nelson.

He also announced the creation of a UFO research directorate, which will be tasked with developing and coordinating NASA’s vision for UFO research.

See more details of the report in the full article at this link.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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