West Virginia: guns offered to encourage vaccination

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The second amendment to the US Constitution seems to have a bright future ahead of it. While the debate on firearms and their use is rife, in some areas of the United States they can even be used to encourage people to get vaccinated. This is what the magazine reportsForbes, which looked at the lotteries set up in several American states to encourage vaccination against Covid-19.

For example, in West Virginia, the lottery set up to encourage residents to be vaccinated against the coronavirus allows them to win not only large sums of money but also … firearms. Specifically, shotguns and rifles, which are personalized. The draw should take place on June 20, Father’s Day. A total of ten firearms are up for grabs.

One of the lowest vaccine rates in the country

To try your luck, you just need to have received at least one dose of an anti-covid-19 vaccine. Other prizes to be won in West Virginia include a million dollar jackpot, college scholarships, custom trucks, and lifetime hunting and fishing licenses. What to encourage the population to go to the vaccination centers.

Forbes recalls that, in this eastern American state, approximately 51.1% of the population has already received a first dose of vaccine, ie approximately 910,000 inhabitants. The percentage of residents who received the two doses of the serum reached 41.2%. This is a rate that is one of the lowest in the country, according to figures from the New York Times. These figures are explained by strong skepticism among the population of West Virginia.

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