We’ve learned to live with Covid, but we can’t let our guard down, says doctor

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A study showed that 98.9% of the adult population in the city of São Paulo had already had contact with the virus or had been vaccinated against Covid-19. For the infectologist, lead researcher on the project and Clinical Director of Grupo Fleury, Celso Granato, the antibodies measured are what “brest us closer to protection against infection.”

“In January of this year we had every 10 exams to look for Covid, 6 positive, now, even after the Ômicron, every 10 tests, 2 or 3 are positive, we expected a higher number, but probably the antibodies indicate some protection against new infections ”, he explained to CNN Radio .

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that new variants that escape this immunity may arise: “If another variant, a little different, enters, our immunity will resist this entry, but there is always the possibility of a very different one coming. different and this one can cause a new outbreak.”

Granato considers that this is a dangerous time for agglomerations and abandonment of the use of masks “because we still have a number of cases that are frightening, the population has been worried about vaccination, but it is a phenomenon that we will see perhaps forever, it is possible that vaccination against the coronavirus is annual, we learn to live together better, but we can’t let our guard down, we still don’t have a normal life.”

The infectologist also reinforced the importance of the population seeking the third and fourth doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, to prevent new variants from finding people without any type of protection against the virus.

Source: CNN Brasil

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