What a bear! Journalists confuse Tom Holland and Zendaya with Harry Potter and Dua Lipa

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A few days ago, the Ballon d’Or was awarded, an award given to the best footballer of the year. The award ceremony took place in Paris and it was Lionel Messi who took the statuette for the seventh time.

In this same award, Messi fell in love with the internet by preventing his wife from being removed from the photographs on the red carpet. However, this was not the act that most attracted the attention of the night, since the real protagonist was taken by some Argentine journalists when they confused Tom Holland and Zendaya with Harry Potter and Dua Lipa during a live broadcast.

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As expected, Internet users did not ignore the error and have already viralized it, generated memes and all kinds of opinions, but above all laughter.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are the couple of the moment. In addition, they are promoting their next film Spider-Man: No Way Home, which places them as one of the best known public figures in the world or at least that is what we believed, since there are people who do not even know of their existence and this was proven in the recent delivery of the Ballon d’Or.

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Holland and Zendaya came to the event separately and the American press quickly recognized them. However, Argentine journalists had no idea who they were and dared to confuse the actress with Dua Lipa and the actor with Harry Potter during the live broadcast.

The small confusion caused laughter not only in spectators, but also in colleagues who were not present on the red carpet of the event. The latter tried to correct their partner, but it was not possible, since every time the camera focused on Zendaya, the production put a soundtrack with songs by Dua Lipa. While, when they focused on Holland, they played the well-known jingle from the saga of Harry Potter.

The facts reached the internet, a site where users were quick to correct the journalists and, incidentally, appreciated the confusion, as it caused them more than one laugh.

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