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What a nice subject! Teacher marks the exams of his students with memes

The stickers they have become a fun and essential element to use during a conversation in instant messaging applications, since some memes serve as a reference to make a more entertaining conversation.

However, their use has become so popular that during the pandemic, teachers adapted them to their teaching style to make their classes more fun and enjoyable, like this teacher, who chose to grade his students’ exams using stickers of some popular memes and went viral on social networks.

Antuan is a math teacher who, through his TikTok account, shared a video in which he shows off the peculiar technique of grading his students’ exams using a stickers related to each student’s grade.

In the recording you can see some qualified exams and one of them has the image of the Chems puppy with the phrase “It can’t be” for getting a 4 rating, while in another we can see Finn and Jake from the cartoon Adventure Time saying “Que Pro” in a 9 exam.

screenshots of graded exams with memes

Throughout the clip, exams appear, mostly with quite low grades, with pictures of the most popular memes on social networks.

In his account, the fanatic master of Pokemon features a variety of funny videos referring to his work as a teacher. In addition, he shares recordings with tips to solve math exercises.


They turned out better, I swear 😅 #mathematics #I’m a teacher #students #school

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The video did not take long to go viral and so far it has already exceeded 12 million views, has two million likes and over 11,000 comments from people applauding his funny grading and from some students who said he only used them for his clips.

screenshots of graded exams with memes and stickers

Due to the great popularity and acceptance that his first clip had, Professor Antuan published a second part with the same dynamic, where you can see an exam with a grade of 10 next to the image of Gru, from My favorite villainsaying “El Macho” and another with a rating of 3.2 with the sticker: “It’s not much, but it’s honest work.”


Since you liked it so much 😅 #I’m a teacher #I’m a teacher #mathematics #UNAM #admision2022 #IPN

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It should be noted that the method used by this teacher is quite ingenious and we are sure that regardless of the grade, he managed to make his students smile.

Source: Okchicas

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