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What are cognitive tests and what can they tell us about Biden and Trump’s ability to lead the US?

Age and mental health have recently emerged as one of the main topics of discussion in the US presidential race. And while the issue has previously concerned the 81-year-old president, Joe Biden, and his 78-year-old opponent, Donald Trump, things reached a tipping point after Biden’s disastrous performance at the debate late last month. Biden is the oldest president in US history and Trump, if elected, will be the second oldest. During an interview with ABC News, Biden declined to commit to a cognitive test, saying he “takes a cognitive test every day” and that his doctors say he doesn’t need to. Trump has said he has completed cognitive tests, one while he was president and another more recently. He said he excelled at both. But what are these tests, and how difficult are they to pass? What does a gnostic do? […]
Source: News Beast

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