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What are cryptocurrency market participants expecting from bitcoin?

One of the hottest topics for discussion in the crypto community is digital asset predictions. Many people prefer to trust the opinions of popular analysts, whose names appear regularly in the media. Unfortunately, as practice has shown, their predictions do not always come true. At the same time, many predictions from ordinary members of the crypto community – on the contrary, often turn out to be much more accurate.

Bitcoin predictions from members of the crypto community

The author of one of the most popular models for forecasting the movement of BTC – S2F – PlanB analyst is confident that the cryptocurrency will break through the $ 100K level. during the current growth cycle. His point of view is based on calculating the decrease in the rate of inflow of bitcoins into the market and analyzing the behavior of the coin in the periods after the previous halvings.

The correction implemented by bitcoin in late March – early April 2021, in his opinion, is nothing more than a “respite” before continuing active growth.

However, not everyone is convinced of the effectiveness of S2F. For example, one of the developers of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization – Ethereum – Vitalik Buterin considers the forecasting model PlanB is inoperable.

Analyst Lark Davis agreed with PlanB’s opinion that the BTC correction implemented in late March – early April may open up an opportunity for cryptocurrency to continue to grow.


“This is a great reboot before the next phase of growth,” he wrote on his microblog, hinting at the potential for further positive movement in the bitcoin rate.


The opinion that cryptocurrency is ahead of growth was also supported by the co-founder of Ministry of Nodes, Stefan Liviera. He believes that bitcoin has reached only half of the growth cycle at a value of $ 58,000.

A more daring forecast for Bitcoin was given by TV presenter Max Kaiser. He believes that BTC will be able to break through the $ 200,000 level by the end of the year.

Analysts of the Ecoinometrics project adhere to a similar point of view. Experts noted that Bitcoin and Ethereum are moving along trajectories similar to those that cryptocurrencies have implemented after previous halvings.

The repetition of history, in their opinion, suggests that BTC will be able to rise in price to $ 257 thousand. during the growth cycle. Ethereum, if the cryptocurrency continues to move along a given trajectory, according to Ecoinometrics, will be able to break through the $ 22 thousand level.

There are few posts on the network, the authors of which are sure of the completion of the bitcoin growth phase. Most members of the crypto community believe that new highs await the cryptocurrency ahead.

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