What changes in 2022: from the roof to cash to the highway code

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New year, new rules. With 2022 we are not only changing information on the use of the Green Pass and masks, but also the highway code and many other things especially as regards money management.

Cash payments

The roof drops to One thousand Euro based on the tax decree of the summer of 2020 issued by the Conte-bis government. Until now, up to € 2,000 could be paid in cash. The goal is to fight tax evasion. Retailers and professionals must accept debit and credit cards for any amount. Fines for those who refuse from 30 euros.


The new Irpef will have 4 rates: 23%, 25%, 35%, 43% based on income. There is a five-point cut of the two central rates from 27 to 25% and from 38 to 35%. The deductions change with a Irpef-saving bonus clause for low incomes.


All have been renewed house bonus, including the furniture one, and that of 110% has been enlarged. The one for the facades drops from 90 to 60% with the inclusion of further concessions.


It goes from Quota 100 to Quota 102 with the possibility of leaving work at 64 years of age and at least 38 of contributions. This option is valid only for 2022. For female workers there is a woman option with 58 years of age and 35 of contributions. The categories of heavy work are increasing.

Single Check

The Universal Single Allowance for dependent children can be requested from January 1st. It collects all the existing aid measures for families. Only the nest bonus remains and can be combined with the new check. It applies to all families with children from 7 months of pregnancy up to 21 years of age, students or job seekers. For the disabled it has no time limit. Applies to employees and self-employed workers (new).

Traffic Laws

The new highway code comes into force on the first day of the year. 2022 is the year of the increase in parking spaces reserved for pregnant women or with children under two years of age. Disabled people, with a special badge, can park for free on the blue lines. Anyone who throws things out of cars and gets dirty can get a fine from 52 to 866 euros. Those who park in places reserved for disabled people risk a fine of more than 600 euros and lose four points on their driving license. From two to six points for those who use an invalid card. There is also a fine for passengers on motorcycles and mopeds who do not wear a helmet.

Even more rights for pedestrians. Not only those who have started the crossing at the pedestrian crossing, but also those who are just starting it have right of way.


From 1st January it is compulsory insurance for all skiers. It must cover liability for damage or injury caused to third parties. For those who will not have it, withdrawal of the ski pass and fines from 100 to 150 euros. Minors must wear a helmet. Prohibition to consume alcohol for skiers. The cost ranges from 2.5 euros per day to 36 for the whole season.


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