What did we get in the US, what do we ask from the EU?

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To Dimitris Gatsiou

Landmarks that close and others that open. At a time of geopolitical upheaval, accompanied by severe upheaval in the world economies and with the unknown end date of a crisis, which began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In such an environment of multiple equations, the answers call for stability, clear positions, strengthening of alliances, but also … reading the next day, to start when, sooner or later, it reaches from the best possible starting point.

In this geopolitical-economic-energy momentum, Athens … unfolds one by one the papers of an international diplomatic demarcation, taking clear positions on the world map of tomorrow. And these, exactly, were the positions that starred in the almost three-day presence of the Prime Minister in the capital of the United States of America. The presentation of a Greece that is changing, leaving behind a ten-year crisis, was the dominant issue of the contacts that Mr. Mitsotakis made in Washington, with the top of all this being with President Biden. “The country is returning as a leading power in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe and is becoming a pole of security and development,” is the message. Athens-Washington relations are entering even more positive territory, as is the close historical cooperation between the two countries, with the profits multiplying for the future, as government officials observe, taking stock of Mr. Mitsotakis’ meetings.

The conclusions

At a time when the Turkish leadership is trying to … acrobatic between the rapprochement with the West and the … cloudless sky of its relations with Moscow, following a tactic of Ovid transformations, Greece was presented to the United States as a steadfast ally who speaks the same language as the modern democracies of the western world and fights for the same values, ideas and principles. And the recognition of this role is the first major gain of the prime minister’s presence in Washington. A gain that was not only reflected in the statements of President Biden, which were a vote of confidence in Athens. It became apparent at the reception of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s speech at the Congress. It became apparent at the reception given by the Greek-American organizations last Tuesday night. The presence of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as well as the Senator, Bob Menendez, showed the absolutely positive, as characterized by factors, way in which the 48-hour diplomatic sprint in the United States was completed.

The prime minister’s summit talks recognized the country’s role as a pillar of security in a critical area of ​​the world map, with ever-changing balances. “You immediately raised your voice condemning Russia’s aggression, being a NATO security bulwark in south-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean,” said President Biden, acknowledging that Athens (and making it a stable ally) had taken a stand. with the loud indication that it belongs to the West.

The first important legacy is the recognition of the geopolitical role of the country and its credibility in the alliance. The second is related to another critical area. That of national issues.

Information marathon. The maps

National issues were a special chapter in the presence of Mitsotakis and top ministers in Washington. The Prime Minister showed President Biden, an expert in our region, the map of the “blue homeland”. He did the same in the meeting with Nancy Pelosi, in the meeting with American senators. “There was a lot of interest from the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in meeting with Mr Mitsotakis. Usually, out of the 20 members of the Committee, five to six are in attendance. Today there were many more from both parties,” said Senator Menendez. in a conversation he had with Greek journalists, showing the interest that exists in Congress on the relevant issue. A Congress that in its … hand holds the green or red in the Turkish F-16. The prime ministerial positions in Congress and the indirect but clear Russia-Turkey comparison also had the same goal. Block the approval of the neighbor’s F-16 upgrade. And this goal can be achieved.

The energy and the upcoming “27” Summit

Another gain that can be kept, considering the results of the prime ministerial meetings and interventions in the United States, is the vote of confidence in Washington’s Greece’s energy strategy. The plan that wants our country to become a transportation hub in the Balkans and Eastern Europe was a point of reference in the discussions that took place in the American capital. “There are natural gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean, which will eventually have to pass through Greece to meet the needs of the European market. Greece is also the entry point for liquefied natural gas not only in the Greek natural gas network but also in Balkan … This energy corridor that starts from Greece and will cover the needs of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, is of great importance for the USA “, said, in one of his many interventions in Washington, Mr. Mitsotakis . The government is expanding its moves on the energy chessboard, while another important piece in this puzzle is the appointment of Nikos Tsafos, an expert in energy geopolitics, to the position of new adviser to the prime minister.

Now, Athens is turning its attention to the crucial extraordinary Summit of the “27” leaders of the European Union, which will take place at the end of the month, with a discussion menu of the answers to the energy rally.

The alliance of the South against the “frugal” of the North is expected to make its presence again in Brussels, with our country continuing to send messages to Europe about the need to further shield economies and citizens in the face of extreme price increases. . The government has supported households and businesses with the new national plan, but officials say this does not negate the need for additional assistance from Europe. An aid either financially (by recycling loans from the Recovery Fund) or by a more drastic intervention in the gas market. And the … battle in the meeting of the “27” will be tough.

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Source: Capital

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