What does PASOK-KINAL say about the registration of the Turkaegean brand

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The PASOK-Movement for Change commented on the attitude of the competent services and government agents regarding the registration by Turkey of the “TURKAEGEAN” mark.

A comment from the party’s press office stressed that “the unjustified oligarchy of the services of the Ministry of Development and Trade regarding the registration of the” Turkaegean “mark by the Turkish Tourism Organization raises various questions at the European level”.

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PASOK-KINAL claims that “the body that registered it is the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, based in Alicante, Spain and not a” private law firm in Madrid “, as the government spokesman said yesterday. .

In fact, he points out that a representative of our country participates in its Board of Directors, as is the case with the other decentralized organizations of the European Union (ECDC, EUROPOL and FRONTEX).

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According to Charilaou Trikoupi, “the application was published in September 2021, until December of the same year when the process was completed, the competent services of the Ministry of Development did not take any action to stop the registration of this mark”.

“Apart from the obvious actions for the cancellation of this brand, which should have already started, the government and the competent minister, who should stop making jokes like these in his radio interview about the political developments,” he said. to answer for this unacceptable fact “.

Source: Capital

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