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What does tennis smell like?

Does tennis have a scent? Some say it is the smell of the rubber of the balls, and some that of the grass, while others recognize in the dusty aroma of the red clay a scent that they immediately transport to the playing field. It is certainly not easy to find a fragrance that represents the game that is currently in the spotlight, thanks to the event that is taking place in Turin: Nitto ATP Finalsscheduled for November 12-19.

Yet, the luxury home essentials, Xerjoff Group, niche perfume house, accepted the challenge and for the third consecutive year dedicated a perfume that represents this sport to Nitto ATP Finals. Created in 2007 by Sergio Momo, the brand Xerjoff has the precise desire to propose true works of art in the luxury perfumery sector and thanks to the collaboration with the ATP it has chosen to dedicate its fragrances to a prestigious sport, with gentlemanly values ​​and a code of conduct in competition based on respect for the opponent.

For 2023, that’s exactly what it’s all about more elegant and sophisticated side of tennisborn as a pastime of English high society, around the end of the nineteenth century, to become the favorite entertainment of princes, princesses and the aristocracy of the time, who Xerjoff dedicates this year’s fragrance. A reminder perhaps of the essence and true soul of this sport, with a code of conduct based on loyalty and respect for the opponent? Who knows, the fact is that today this return to good rules of behavior appears increasingly necessary, given that it is the game that currently has the spotlight on it, encouraging public participation, which is quite inadequate, almost like in the stands of a football stadium.

Torino23 by Xerjoff

The notes of Turin23 express the elegance and historicity of the sports game. The first ones they capture are the ones at the head of the bergamot, very fresh and which remind us that we are talking about a sport that requires physical prowess. The notes to the surprise then take care of it rosea new but extremely refined nuance, well tempered by a cardamom warm which gives a light spicy and sparkling accent. The fragrance opens brightly thanks to the nerolito the jasmine and to tuberosea flowery bouquet of extreme sophistication, which evolves and becomes inebriating with final notes of wood cashmere, Amber And moss. A olfactory writing that conveys class, style and luxury. Torino23 has all the characteristics to become a timeless classic.

Every year Xerjoff interpreted the game of tennis with a different olfactory writing and each time he brought out and paid homage to just one aspect of this sport. Turin21for example, is a typical citrus fragrance, which refers to physical activity carried out outdoors, Turin22instead evokes the dusty and unmistakable aroma of red earth, thanks to a wood-based structure.

For another two years the perfume brand Xerjoff will be involved in the partnership with the Nitto ATP Finals and will give life to two other creations in honor of tennis, which we will discover on the occasion of the event which sees the eight best singles players and the eight best doubles pairs take to the field to fight for the last title of the season. Until the 2025 the finals will be played in Turin, the fifteenth city to host the prestigious event, and not surprisingly the birthplace of the brand.

«The Nitto ATP Finals represent a great opportunity for momentum and visibility for our city – he declares Sergio Momo, CEO of the Group – like every year since we have been Silver Sponsors, we have created a perfume that was an ambassador of every single edition, and also a further testimony of our bond with the Piedmontese city. Torino23 is inspired by the most identifying and recognizable essence of tennis, that of being a sport in which the competition is always elegant and classy».

Xerjoff’s world, however, is not only linked to tennis. His strong connection with lifestyle will also arrive in Milan for Christmas, with the lighting of a tree near the maison’s boutique in via Manzoni and will have an exceptional godmother, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Source: Vanity Fair

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