What does the protocol say after the death of Philip – How will the funeral take place

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Sadness in the royal family as a while ago The death of the 99-year-old Prince Philip was announced by the Palace. Filippos had been suffering from several health problems lately and had remained in the hospital for 28 days, after the heart operation.

The prince was married to Elizabeth in 1947, five years before she became queen, and they had four children, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

But what will happen now that Philip is no longer alive? According to Reader ‘Digest, the “Forth Bridge” protocol will be activated, a plan for what will follow after his death.

National period of mourning

The United Kingdom (which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has entered a national period of mourning that will last until the funeral.

The national period of mourning must be “observed by all”, including national representatives serving abroad. This means that all flags will be flown at half-mast – with the exception of the Royal Standard flag, above Buckingham Palace as it represents the monarchy – and members of Parliament will wear black armbands and, in the case of men, ties. Also, local authorities (cities, towns, villages, etc.) will be called upon to pay “special attention” to the exercise of their official activities.

The period of mourning of the Queen

During the national period of mourning, the Queen Elizabeth will probably not conduct state affairs, which means, among other things, that no new laws will be passed.

The funeral

As the Queen’s wife, Prince Philip is entitled to a state funeral, which consists of the sacrament at Westminster Hall and burial in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

It is believed, however, that Prince Philip has chosen a private military-style funeral at St George’s Chapel with burial in Frogmore Gardens, home to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. As he characteristically said, he did not want “to make a fuss”. Nothing has been clarified yet as there are restrictive measures for the coronavirus pandemic. The former Palace official, Lord Chamberlain, will arrange all the details.

Who will attend the funeral?

Based on the wishes of Prince Philip, it is expected that only family, friends and heads of state from the Commonwealth countries will attend the funeral, according to the Independent. Everything will depend on the pandemic.

After the funeral

After the funeral of her husband, the queen is expected to continue her royal duties. However, there is no guarantee that it will. For example, when Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died in December 1861, Victoria remained in solitary confinement for years, not even appearing for the opening of Parliament, and when she did, she refused to speak (as usual).

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