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What Gustave Eiffel needed to build the Eiffel Tower: A documentary comes to reveal everything

Everything that pioneering engineer Gustave Eiffel needed to build the famous French landmark is revealed in the documentary entitled “Eiffel Tower: Building the Impossible’, which was created as part of the Global Doc program that brings together major international broadcasters.

Caroline Behar, head of international co-productions and acquisitions at the Factuals Unit, said that the documentary features “an original visual style” that reflects how “truly modern Eiffel’s work is”.

The documentary, as broadcast by the Athens News Agency, takes place in 1889 and focuses on the rise of Eiffel in the heart of the industrial revolution and chronicles his technical and architectural adventure to build the tower. It also shows how Eiffel built more than 300 metal works around the worldfrom viaducts, bridges, train stations, factories, as well as the structure for the US Statue of Liberty.

The documentary program is distributed internationally by France tv. “Pascal Cuissot’s documentary reveals the history of the Eiffel Tower, with a fascinating journey through the greatest Eiffel works in the world,” said Patrice Gellé, producer and general manager of Bleu Kobalt.

Source: News Beast

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