What happened!? Chayanne reappears with a “new face” and they assure that she used botox

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Chayanne is one of the leading men who has conquered girls from several generations, including our mothers, who have “made” him the father of a large part of the population in Mexico.

After a long break, the singer shared a video to announce the release of a new single. However, his work went almost unnoticed, because his appearance was what caught the attention of his followers. fanswho assured that he had made a little arrangement on his face.

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Chayanne reappears and they are destroyed on social networks for his

The 54-year-old singer reappeared on social networks with a face without expression lines and lighter skin. This caught the attention of his followers, who assured that the change in his face was due to a rejuvenation treatment with Botox, something unnecessary in the interpreter of Bullfighter, because he is extremely handsome.

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However, there are those who claim that Chayanne did not do anything to his face and that his new look is the product of poor editing or failed makeup.

Although his “new” appearance has caused controversy, neither Chayanne nor his representative have spoken about it. That yes, the comments did not wait and on Instagram you can read opinions such as: “There was no need to destroy your face”, “You should sue the cosmetologist who destroyed it, you were beautiful”, “Luckily, you have the voice ”.

The redeeming thing about this matter is that the singer’s faithful followers continue to admire his work and are awaiting the launch of his musical project: Chayanne is back.

Source: Okchicas

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