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What happened to the Balenciaga shop windows?

When, last April, Gucci and Balenciaga showed their special “hacked” collection, a new way – in a sense – of doing fashion was inaugurated: two historic houses unexpectedly merged their distinctive codes into a single stream , the result of which is a series of unique pieces that are already preparing to be worn and collected. For all those who have been waiting for this moment, the Gucci and Balenciaga Spring / Summer 2022 collection has just been launched in 74 physical spaces around the world. The Hacker Project is now found in independent stores and pop-ups, offering not only real objects of desire for fashionistas, but also questioning the notions of branding, appropriation and counterfeiting.

A message carried forward also in the way in which the retail spaces have been rethought: shop windows, for example, have been decorated in graffiti style with the word Gucci, and in selected locations – for a limited time – bags with double B monogram will hand signed by a local artist at the time of purchase, personalized with the customer’s name.

In the stores some of the distinctive architectural elements of Balenciaga: shaved carpet with logo, velvet curtains and metal details, while the curtains have the classic Gucci all-over print, but with double B’s that cross double G’s.

Shopping yes, but also a travel-experience in the parallel world created by two icons of Italian fashion.

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