What happens when a Marvel hero retires? Looked at “Hawkeye”

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When MCU fans, overwhelmed with stories of space supervillains and heroes in nano-armor, doubted whether they should watch the TV series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” about two of the most boring characters, their doubts were justified. Because against the background of the epic and fascinating “Loki”, that project remained a gray memory. Should the audience be afraid of repeating the story with the release of “Hawkeye”, because Barton is the same person and cannot boast of incredible opportunities. Perhaps Marvel will simply show a more mature story to satisfy more than just comic book fans?

Review of the first episode of the main November series “Hawkeye”

The series follows the example of the successful “Loki” from the very beginning. How is it shown? The fact that the events begin in 2012 from the moment of the Chitauri attack on New York. True, in this series, viewers are not offered to look at the same footage from “The Avengers” for the fourth time. Here, the attack is shown through the eyes of an ordinary family, quietly living in an apartment opposite Stark Tower. For the first time in the history of Marvel, viewers were shown how ordinary people feel, who are not even visible against the background of superhero battles. In general, the little girl survived only thanks to the arrow shot by Hawkeye. Her whole life after that was devoted to becoming as skilled as her savior. She received a black belt at the age of 15, is the best archer, and her mother is also rich, which means that the girl can afford more than other teenagers.

In the meantime, Clint Barton is enjoying a well-earned retirement, attending the Avengers Christmas Broadway shows with her family. It is at such moments that Marvel skillfully builds its cinematic universe, immersing viewers in that world. Internal references, jokes, tie-in strings are what the studio really does well. Just what is the inscription on the washstand: “Thanos was right.” Although Clint jokes that he doesn’t need to watch the show, because he participated in these events personally, unlike Ant-Man (which, by the way, is also a good reference to the comics in which this particular hero gathered a team of Avengers, but in the MCU appeared much later). True, the memories of Natasha (Black Widow) cause the hero to have a slight seizure.

All of the following scenes with Burton are very good in terms of working with this character, who has become a “folk hero” or “hero from the people” since the time of the second “Avengers”, where his family was introduced into the plot. Obsessive fans want to take a selfie with him right in the toilet, restaurant owners feed him free meals, even though he is uncomfortable in this situation. Considering that he is no longer a hero at all. When viewed, a good picture is also immediately apparent. And not because of a thousand frames with special effects, but because of the direction and camera work. Of course, miniseries have already reached a high level of production for a long time (many thanks to projects from HBO), but this cannot be ignored. The actors are also delightful. No one doubted the abilities of Jeremy Renner or Vera Farmiga, but the younger generation, including Hayley Steinfeld, leaves pleasant impressions.

But what is really frustrating is the sequence of accidents on which the entire scenario of at least the first episode is built. The costume the heroine wore for the evening, the lucky hit with the name Gehry (although this is an obvious reference to old spy movies), Ronin’s outfit that appears in the right place at the right time. The plot is perhaps really the weakest part of the series. Still, it is difficult to perceive any serious ideas proposed by the writers when the basis looks as comic as possible. Hawkeye saved the girl a long time ago, became her idol, and then she absolutely accidentally found and put on the costume of his other, dark alter ego. Despite the fact that no one in the world knows that Barton was also Ronin. And then the stupidest comic cliché happens.

Conclusion: does Hawkeye still have gunpowder?

Hawkeye will definitely find its audience. This series is much deeper than ordinary comic book projects, in which only fights and explosions take place. Already in the first series, there are many references that make you look at what is happening in the rainbow world of superheroes from Marvel films from a different, more realistic angle. However, it is still just as simple in terms of plotting. Everything that happens is a series of either coincidences, or incredible coincidences, or something else unreal. The director and camera work is good, the acting is excellent, the staging of action scenes is pleasing, and there is humor. Will the series become a hit? As we already know, Marvel TV shows should only be judged after the final episode. However, “Hawkeye” has every chance.

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