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What if Ilary Blasi’s “revenge movie” was a love letter to Totti?

Revenge or declaration of love? As he says at the beginning of Unique in the sentence that seems tailor-made to generate memes – “sometimes too much has been said, sometimes little has been said, sometimes it has been said wrong” – Ilary Blasi decides to reveal her truth through a Netflix docufilm, in an operation that many have defined as her “revenge movie”. Perhaps the definitive “revenge movie”, we have certainly never seen anything like it other than very true. Ilary, who learned Shakira’s lesson and expanded it to an hour and twenty of docufilms, thus takes revenge, with this interview-confession with her unique point of view and no cross-examination, but not even the shred of a question that puts her in difficulty (do we want to talk about the famous “coffee” with the guy we met on Instagram? We understand each other).

And obviously there is revenge: it is in the very detailed timeline of his betrayal, in the most details what the fuck (he who brings his little daughter to play with the children of his lover Noemi Bocchi), is in that sentence thrown there almost by chance and revenge – sublime given how brazen it is – on the other (“the evening before going to her, he sought me out sexually”: this is a masterstroke), it is in the accusation of toxic masculinity that he directs at Totti even without the seriousness of the problem being really brought into focus (him asking her to change her phone number, remove herself from social media, no longer see her friend and stop working), he is part of the antics of the kidnapping of the bags and Rolexes and in the allegations about his past betrayals (with the taxi driver, a key characterwhich confirms that in silenced Rome everyone knew that Totti liked “husbands with cream and women”: thus, with “women” placed after husbands in the pile of vices, but let’s not open the chapter on sexism).

But beneath the settling of accounts, there is also something else. There’s her crying: “These 20 years can’t be erased, it would be stupid.” And then: “It was a beautiful love story.” And again: «Things end, we must take note of it». There are tears, the feeling of confusion of someone who, after having endured twenty years of “husbands and women”, finds herself blamed for the end of her marriage over “a coffee” (and to underline this, the documentary uses as cover images the barista preparing the coffee: not even in Boris). An hour and twenty of continuous spite but also of tears and never a true “cartoon villain” portrait of the ex, who comes out as a traitor yes, but also as a man in crisis after the very painful farewell to football. Important detail: Bastian Muller, her current partner, is never mentioned even by mistake (poor). Maybe Ilary, who is the smarter of the couple, is trolling us all and making us fall into the trap of empathy? Maybe she. But perhaps this “revenge movie” is nothing more than a long love letter to Totti, of which the public is only waiting for the sequel: them getting back together. Our Beckhams, our royal couple in the southern Rome version, deserve a fairytale happy ending.

Ilary Blasi is all of us
The men who never leave, rather mess with others, the women who always have to choose between family and fulfillment, with the addition here of a huge aggravating circumstance: Rome. Unique on Netflix, Totti and Ilary Blasi who are all of us
ilary blasi unique
Unique by Ilary Blasi: Netflix is ​​the new very true?
Can Ilary’s story of separation live only within the “sacred GRA”? And what does an interview that could be found in an afternoon program have to do with the platform? The comment of a television critic

Source: Vanity Fair

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