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What is known about the investigation against the wife of the Prime Minister of Spain

The judicial investigation, still open, against Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's wife, Begoña Gómez, for alleged crimes of corruption and influence peddling, will be discussed in the plenary session of the Spanish Congress of Deputies this Wednesday (22).

The accusation stems from a complaint by the organization Mãos Limpas based on information released by some media outlets. According to Miguel Bernard, general secretary of the organization, Sánchez does not believe in the crimes attributed to his wife.

This matter will be debated at the request of the popular group, which requested that Sánchez appear “immediately to matters subject to journalistic and judicial investigation, with regard to cases of alleged economic and political corruption and conflict of interests, which affect his party, the your government and your personal environment.”

The investigation against Begoña Gómez once again drew attention after a speech by the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, in Madrid, at an event organized by Vox, a Spanish far-right party.

Milei referred to Sánchez taking a five-day break at the end of April to decide whether to continue leading the Spanish Executive following the opening of the judicial investigation against his wife.

Without mentioning those involved, the Argentine president said: “Global elites do not realize how destructive this can be […] that this type of person is linked to power and what levels of abuse this can generate… I mean, even when he has a corrupt wife, let's say he gets dirty and takes five days to think about it.”

These statements increase diplomatic tension between Spain and Argentina.

On Tuesday (21) the Spanish Government announced that it was definitively withdrawing its ambassador to Argentina, María Jesús Alonso, due to the Argentine president's lack of apology.

What is known about the investigation?

The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid reported that the Court of Instruction number 41 of Madrid began on April 16 an investigation process into the alleged practice of crimes of influence peddling and business corruption against Begoña Gómez, after receiving a complaint from the organization Clean Hands.

The investigation process was declared secret.

The complaint may not obtain results (as happened with others processed by the Mãos Limpas organization).

The Madrid Provincial Prosecutor's Office appealed the court's decision and requested the investigation be closed, the State Attorney General's Office confirmed to CNN .

Furthermore, a source from the Public Ministry added that there is no evidence of any crime in the content of the complaint.

For his part, Sánchez stated in a letter released to the public that the complaint is based on “falsehoods” about which his wife has promoted legal action so that these media outlets can be rectified, and described Mãos Limpas as a right-wing organization and said that the objective of the complaint is to make him “fail politically and personally”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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